baroo is the korean word for the bowls buddhist monks use for their meals until their last breath.  

our mission is to serve food with respect and love for nature and for others.

we are grateful to everyone who supported baroo in our original location in east hollywood from august 2015 to october 2018. 

baroo 2.0 is more like a tortoise than a phoenix...

in the meantime, we are temporarily taking over a tiny kitchen in east hollywood for experimentation and preparation for baroo 2.0. 

from this kitchen, we will also be offering a small menu based on baroo family meals for take away and delivery. family meal at baroo is about homey, comfort food with a playful spirit.

for our pop-up, we make a limited amount of food every day. we are open from 11am until we sell out, or 3:30pm at the latest.

photos on this site by jakob layman and frank wonho lee.